Top 11 “buzz words” and phrases Big Food uses to fool consumers into thinking processed foods are healthy

There’s a good reason why organic food spoils more quickly than processed food. Junk science has come a long way in the past 30 to 40 years, and to the demise of most Americans. What Big Food calls additives and preservatives “add” shelf life to foods while subtracting “real life” years from those who consume them. From GMOs to HFCS, binge-eating Americans stuff their faces with just about anything and then brag about some “health care plan” they get through their job, only to find out the hard way that chemical-based drugs also shorten lifespans, by adding lab-created chemicals to the food they eat, thus mutating and suffocating cells, and clogging arteries.

So, when it comes to food these days, expect the unexpected. It’s always “opposite day” for Big Food, because they’re trying to sell us cheap, toxic food and eventually send us to the doctor or hospital for expensive, toxic medicine, much of which is untested, dangerous, or has been recalled. So, if you’re searching for healthy food, but you haven’t done your “homework,” you’ll be unpleasantly surprised nearly every time, especially if you’re shopping anywhere but among the fresh, organic produce aisles.

Top 11 “buzz words” and phrases Big Food uses to fool people who try to eat clean but have no idea what they’re doing

1. Enriched (bleached flour). It means you’re eating bleach and poisoning your cleansing organs little by little. Enriched usually means processed and therefore useless for nutrition.

2. Pasteurized. The process of heating quickly. It kills all the nutritive qualities and absorption.

3. Fortified. The ingredients are taken out, isolated and added back in. They often become useless for the human body.

4. Added Vitamin D. Most vitamins and minerals added back into processed junk-science food, like pasteurized milk and orange juice, are totally and completely worthless, with no biological value whatsoever. Just buy raw, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, and stop the insanity.

5. To protect color and flavor (BHT). Are you a guinea pig? Then why are you being tested like one? The FDA does not require any testing or “pre-market review” for most food additives and preservatives because, let’s face it, most of them would never be allowed to be eaten by humans. When they say it’s not about the money, it’s always about the money. BHT is linked to an increased risk of cancer in animals, and yes, you’re an animal, even though you can read this.

6. Preservatives (sodium benzoate). Most Big Food preservatives kill mold and fungus while suffocating human cells. Human cells that can’t “breathe” turn cancerous. Is that what you want? Never buy anything preserved with sodium benzoate!

7. Used to protect quality (EDTA). Big Food corporations love to kill food so it never spoils, but guess what else they’re killing? Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a pharmaceutical staple that’s harmful to people with mercury amalgams (dental fillings) because the mercury overwhelms the EDTA and creates an even worse toxic brew. You really want that getting stuck in your kidneys?

8. Expeller pressed (used often with canola oil — even organic). Sure, it sounds great. That’s why the term is plastered all over food labels. Honestly, canola oil coagulates like glue in your blood and leads to dementia. Doesn’t matter if it’s “expeller pressed” or “organic.” Would you eat expeller pressed kid’s glue?

9. All Natural. This term means virtually nothing as far as FDA regulations for safe food. There are simply no defined parameters in place in order for a manufacturer to claim any product is “all natural” because the FDA has no standard set. One typical misleading “all natural” product is the massively popular synthetic sweetener Splenda. When this junk comes out of the laboratory it’s nothing close to “natural” anymore.

10. Gluten-free. The second someone finds out just how bad gluten can be for the body, the mind and the skin they start searching for the buzz words “gluten-free.” Much to their dismay, they find products chock full of concentrated salts (and still call them “low-sodium”), GMO fillers and pesticide-laden, processed garbage junk-science “food stuff.” Try again!

11. GRAS — “Generally Recognized as Safe.” This means the FDA recognizes that a certain additive is harmful to humans, but it’s in so much food in such small amounts that they figure nobody is doing the math – enough to figure out that the cumulative effect is detrimental.

Pasteurizing milk destroys essential nutrients, despite what mainstream media says

Heating up milk quickly not only destroys bad bacteria but the good kind also, including destroying essential active enzymes that humans need for nutrient absorption. See, Big Food knows this, and that’s why they do it. Pasteurizing milk annihilates all of its phosphatase, preventing humans from absorbing calcium, which works with Vitamin D. You see, heating milk blasts the lipase (the enzyme needed to complete digestion of fats). That’s why the crooked dairy industry prosecutes raw milk farmers and distributors.  Homogenization is no better. All that means is that the dairy industry can mix cheap Grade C milk with Grade B milk and sell this fractured mess that causes allergic reactions and heart disease without anyone knowing the difference.

If you think about it, humans are the only animals on earth that drink milk from another animal and past infancy. Ace all dairy from your daily intake and see how much better you feel in just days. Maybe then your brain will actually work at more than 20 percent capacity and stop falling for all the Big Food buzz words that have you living in a bewildered fog.

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